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Don't mind me XDD

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Feb. 4th, 2011 | 08:00 pm
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Bits from Asamack's nama. Only Jack is on. And Keisen on the comments.
Hence came the fight for Maru-tan's love fffff.

Yes that's Maru-tan. Keisen's comment: Can I dig him up? Can I take him home?
In Asamack's nama a few days ago, Jack is the only one there cause Maru-tan's in Hokkaido for a live :D
Maru-tan entered the nama for a few minute ( Jack called him) saying that he just got back from drinking and needs to get up early so he's sleeping first XDD (At first, Jack said "No." fffffff)
And Jack was playing a weird game where on the last stage he needs to build/make a dragon XDD The idea is to click on the right sequence and if he got the sequence wrong, there'll be a boo-ing of some sort ffffff
Keisen: Is Maru-tan's asleep?
Jack: *got the sequence wrong*
Jack: Aah..You're boo-ing at Keisen's comment?w
Keisen: (゜Д゜)!!
Keisen: Jack-tan's like an angle! (waits for boo-ing) <--she wrote this fffff
Unfortunately the boo-ing didn't come XDD

Jack: Keisen-san have you seen this pic? *shows the above pic* It's Maru-tan!
Keisen: (゜Д゜)!!
Jack: Maru-tan said that he'll send me some crabs from Hokkaido! XDD
Keisen: (゜Д゜)!!(゜Д゜)!!
Keisen: Maru-tan...Mine too....

The game ended with a wedding scene fff
Keisen: Aahh!! That's like Maru-tan and Keisen right? :D

There was a few more things but I didn't hear it cause I'm busy flailing with Shiro sorry/orz

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